CRM implementation services

and business analysts

We help to establish a comprehensive business management system through the latest software and analytical services

During our work, we have done:


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Professional services

Introduction of BI analytics

We automate corporate reporting, develop management dashboards, learn to work with data. Visualize with Power BI

Implementation of CRM

We are transforming sales and marketing into a more efficient system. We will teach employees to sell more, retain customers and increase results

Corporate portal

We will implement tools for managing team, tasks, internal document management, projects and service support of external clients.

Support for existing CRM

We provide technical support for your CRM. Real-time support, resolving issues within 30 minutes of contact. Personal consultations

Principles of work


In our work, we use the experience gained while working in management positions. We are constantly studying the best methods of marketing and sales. Hundreds of business models pass through our funnel, which guarantees our experience and understanding of the details of each stage of your process.

We strive for a long-term partnership, because your success is our success. Every day we improve the quality of service and sales, and companies across the country and abroad trust

We use best practices, established practices to improve business processes. We have accumulated experience of successful implementation in enterprises of various profiles and pass it on to you


In our activities we are guided by standards and rules, not relying on a happy coincidence. We clearly document each step, building a systematic and transparent relationship


Our training and implementation projects


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